& Staff
The Englewood Housing Authority does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or disabilty.
Who we are....

The Englewood Housing Authority was established in 1972 by resolution of the Englewood City Council. It is governed by a five-member board appointed by the Mayor to serve five-year terms. The Authority was designed with the powers to develop, manage and maintain dwelling units for the occupancy and benefit of low to moderate income persons residing or intending to reside in the City of Englewood.
Department Directory


Jerry Graber -- Executive Director
303-761-6200 x222

Lindsey Gorzalski Hocking -- Assistant Director
303-761-6200 x224

Veronica -- Receptionist
303-761-6200 x221


Ron Snodgrass -- Financial Services Manager
303-761-6200 x225

Kim  -- Accounting Technician
303-761-6200 x226 


Jim Hamit -- Operations Manager
303-761-6200 x237

Cliff Braun -- Maintenance Technician

Steve Nelligan -- Maintenance Technician

Marina -- Janitorial
Property Managment

Diane -- Property Manager
303--761-6200 x232 

Jerry Valdes -- Property Manager
303-761-6200 x228

Section 8

Jackie -- Section 8 Lead Technician
303-761-6200 x231 

Lee  - Section 8 Technician
303-761-6200 x230

Marty M -- Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator
303-789-1695 (fax)


  Paula Grimes, Chair
  Jennifer Haynes, Vice Chair
  Colleen Nebel, Commissioner
  Ernie Arterburn, Commissioner
  Evelyn Vaughn, Commissioner
  Jennifer Heinrich, Alternate Commissioner
  Council Liason - Laurette Barrentine

  ​Jerry Graber.........Executive Director
  Lindsey Gorzalski Hocking....Assistant Director
  James Hamit........Operations Manager
  Ron Snodgrass....Financial Services Manager
  Diane O...Property Manager
  Jerry V.........Property Manager
  Jackie T...... Section 8 Lead Technician